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Button Extender for the Tiffen Steadicam Volt

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Product Sizes:

I am now offering multiple lengths of the extender. My original design extends about 3″  and was designed for my Ultra 2 yoke and the way I hold the yoke. I am now offering 1.5” (the most common), 2”, 2.5”, and 3”. These sizes consist of two different body lengths (with their matching internal pistons) and two different length screw-on buttons, so it is possible to change the overall length by simply changing out the button length.

To measure which size you’d prefer, hold the yoke as you would while operating, and measure the distance from the Volt body to your thumb, as if you were pushing the button.

As a special order, I can make modifications to provide a 1″ length as well, but please contact me if you need this as these are not in stock.

Installation Instructions:

Using small needle nose pliers or other gripping device, gently pull out the factory button from its recess (the button is a simple friction fit over the actual switch).  Then with a twisting motion, and some side to side movement as needed, press the extender in place, only using pressure on the body, not the moveable button on the end of the extender.  You want the extender body to contact the Volt itself (no o-rings visible), and there should be a small gap (about .13″) between the body and the button.

It can be helpful to use a small smear of vaseline or O-ring lubricant on the O-rings to make it easier to install and remove the extender, especially if you have ordered one of the smaller length bodies. I try to apply some before shipping orders.

The access holes for the Volt button may have slight variations in dimensions as it is not a critical dimension, so the two O-rings should accommodate those variations and provide some shock protection.

Visit the Contact page for my email and phone number if you have any questions.

Genesis of this product:

My initial impression of the Volt was that it would make less experienced operators better, but cause trouble for more experienced operators.  I have since changed my opinion and have installed one on my Ultra 2.  The problems I experienced initially were resolved after Tiffen asked that I work with the designer, Steve Wagner, to refine the firmware.  It now provides great assistance, not only with horizon, but of particular interest to me, of tilt. In “normal” mode, I would choose a tilt angle I wanted to maintain or achieve after a tilt up or down (much like readjusting front/back balance on a standard sled) but with the advantage of actively holding that angle once I arrived at it and tapped the button.

However, there almost always was a noticeable jump in the tilt angle after hitting the gimbal button, which meant that I was reluctant to use it during a shot. Much of that reluctance has been since been resolved with new firmware of the Volt “brain”.  But, I also found that I needed to shift the position of my hand on the gimbal to reach the button, which caused another slight, but noticeable disturbance to the shot. It was also a little distracting for me to make that adjustment.

As a result I often reverted to the “friction” or “sticky” mode when I wanted to change the tilt angle in shot, but in this mode the Volt does not try to actively maintain a specific angle.

The ultimate answer was to fabricate an extension for the button that allowed me to activate it easily – anytime I wanted to.  “Normal” mode is now my primary mode, with all the advantages and no disadvantages, so I push it often, throughout a shot.

It only took me about 1/2 hour to make that first version of the extension, but several refinements were needed to make me happy with it, and now, I have decided to try a production run of 4 different lengths. The final production model is made from Delrin for the body or “barrel” and the button itself, and black anodized 6061 aluminum for the interior “piston”.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in
Overall Length

2.5”, 3”, 1.5”, 2”


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